Why Us

BigRoof property management software has been created by experienced property managers and investors who found that the other available products in the market did not meet their needs or were to expensive to be used by small or medium sized landlords. BigRoof offers a easy way to manage your properties without the expensive price tag and provides the convenience of accessibility anywhere and anytime. It takes away the hassle of long calculations, complex spreadsheets and messy paperwork. It’s a system, tried and tested by property experts, and it works well! Use this online software and free up the time and space to grow your property portfolio!



Bigroof is a paperless environment. You can store your tenant's documents, agreement copies and HMO documents. Upload property photos for deposit security and invoices for investment or maintenance.


Improved communication between landlords, tenant's and agents. Share essential information about upcoming maintenance work in a property, using the notification system. Be able to access all tenants information at anytime.


You can approve tenant's rent payments and send notification for the next payment date. We offer statements which you can use for year end P&L details, tax refund etc.


Gain total management control of all of your properties. Make smarter decisions by scheduling your tasks on dashboard. Get a quick snapshot of your income and expenditure for the month.


Get to know in what state your property is in right now and learn how your tenant's feel about living in your property. This is a great tool to keep a lead on how your property is performing.


Use the property information to advertise for tenant's. Use our HMO licensing check-list to make sure you have everything in place to get your new HMO license or renew it . Use property inventory to quickly and effectively check-in and check-out tenants.