Optimise your property management

BigRoof online property management software

Residential property

Manage privately rented out residential properties using Bigroof. Go paperless, and keep all rent related information in one system, which is accessible to you anywhere and anytime. Send out tenancy agreements with a few clicks. Generate income and expense reports for accounting and tax.

commercial property

As a commercial property owner or managing agent, keep all lease agreements, logs of rents and deposits accessible at all times. Assign different agents for different properties, communicate with tenants, leaseholders and managing agents from one single place. Manage any size portfolio with a Bigroof package that suits you.

Shared property/ HMO

Manage shared properties or HMO's efficiently to maximise your profit. Within Bigroof you can create the share structure of your property, schedule maintenance and keep up-to-date logs of when rents are due. Never miss a rent payment, by sending automatic reminders to tenants who do not pay on time.